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“Coming to this clinic feels more like visiting family than going to a medical appointment. The receptionist Jessie, is so sweet and always greets me with kind words when I arrives and leave. I learned so much from all the therapists at the 1960 clinic about my lymphedema. It takes a special person to care for the sick and elderly population, but your company is of the rarest that I have come across in terms of being special, they are “rare jewels of healthcare.”

– J.

“Dr. Moosa and his staff are kind, caring, amazing, stupendous and go the extra mile for their patients. I’ve been going these last few months and my life is better for it!!! They are knowledgeable about Lymphedema and how it effects your body. The treatments suggested have started to turn my life around. Finally after 10+ years I’m getting the help I’ve longed, begged, pleaded and cried for!!!”

– R.

“When I came to the clinic, all I knew was that I was swollen from my feet to my knees. The staff told me that I had Lymphedema, explained what it is, and explained to me how they and I would treat it to keep the swelling to a minimum. Being totally ignorant of my condition, I had lots of questions. They were very helpful making me aware of the situation Certainly it hasn’t gone away but with their assistance, it is manageable without a lot of inconvenience. Thank you very much.”

– G.

“Love, love, love this location!!
They are very professional and truly care about your personal health and mental well being. I would recommend them to ANYONE!!
INCREDIBLE staff!!!”

– L.

“Wonderful caring staff. Merry Christmas to all of you.”

– B.

“My therapist was great! She was very caring and I was comfortable with her. Awesome job!”

– V.

“I felt so special during my treatment here. I miss ‘my girls.’”

– M.

“Debbie was so helpful to me in everyway, you need 5 more like her!’”

– R. R.

“The ladies here do a wonderful job and I thank them!”

– V. S.

“The staff is friendly, well informed and willing to help.”

– D. F.

“Very professional and caring staff!”

– S. D.

“Edith is very professional.”

– C.B.

“Everything went all right and I love all of them. Can I take them with me?”

– C. J.

“Laura was very professional and was concerned about my fittings and very helpful and knowledgeable.”

– S. B.

“ My therapist is very good and always discusses my treatment with me.”

– P. T.

“Sonya is cheerful and very thorough.”

– V. P.

“Overall the staff is very professional and they are a joy to be around and make the time go faster. Love these guys!!”

– D. C. P.

“I am very satisfied with Sonia’s way of giving me my treatments. She will adjust her schedule to make sure I would be happy to come for my treatments.”

– D. C.

“I feel like the staff is very kind and friendly with patients. They talk and laugh with you. I never feel uncomfortable or nervous about asking any question. I am 100% satisfied with the care that I receive.”

– M. D.

“I am most pleased with the level of care I feel I received from Edith. I feel Edith is dedicated to focusing on the products and treatments that give the best results for me. I feel that she always makes choices based on what is best for my particular situation/wounds.”

– L.H.

“Jennifer is always making me feel welcome, satisfied and loved. She is an awesome person inside and out. I would recommend everyone to come here with Lymphedema, as it is a good place to be. She gives me good advice! Thumbs up Jen!”

– F.J.

“Edith is amazing! She made this process easy and gave me lots of education. She’s great! Thank you all for a good experience!”

– C.P.

“All the therapist have treated me with a very good attitude. I think my treatment went very well.”

– J. H.

“My therapist has a great attitude and is always friendly. She gives me great information.”

– K.W.

“Had the best therapist today and always!”

– R.C.

“Jennifer P. and Jessica were so nice and kind. Very professional.”

– W.D.

“The staff are the best! I really like it here!”

– P.F.

“Thank you for educating me on the process and what to do and not to do.”

– R.D.

“Laura was patient, answered all questions and gave explicit instructions.”

– B.H.

“Laura is a good teacher. She explains so much that really helps me.”

– S.W.

“This therapist is outstanding! (LP) When I practiced, I would have loved to have had her work in my clinic.” (Retired Chiropractor)

– R.B., D.C.

“Sonya is a very nice and caring person. She talks with the patient and asks if they are alright. She’s very professional, understanding and listens well to her patients and she takes her time with them.”

– F.J.

“Laura is awesome. She is so informative and patient as I learn and try to comprehend. She is friendly and helps make my therapy go by quickly.”

– D.W.

“Ms. Laura was fantastic! Everything happened just like she said it would. Everything! I am very glad she was my therapist. I really like it here. I feel they have really helped me.”

– C.Y.

“I am very pleased with Edith, my therapist and the staff at this facility. I am also very pleased with their knowledge and skill in dealing with my specific lymphedema issues.”

– L.H.

“I am grateful that Laura was my therapist. Her experience and knowledge made my treatment completely effective. The results I received in my healing is just wonderful! Thank you so much!”

– S.W.

“Friendly, knowledgeable.”

– D.T.

“Love the whole team!”

– S.C.

“Excellent experience with staff!”

– R.C.